We carry a full line of beer making ingredients including over 30 pellet hop variety’s , liquid and dry malt extracts, 25 different grains including German, Belgian, English, French and American,  corn sugar, Belgian candy sugars, and yeast. A big selection of dry yeasts and many different fruit extracts. Beer making has come a long way since President Carter guaranteed us the right to make home brew. At Phantom Brewing Co, we offer several methods of making beer. Stop in today for more info and products.


Phantom Brewing - Home Brew Supply has selected manufacturers for their superior quality, reputation in the field, variety of wine, and the countries of origin.  As a wine maker, you can make wine from France, Italy, Austria, Australia, Germany, Chile, British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington State any time of the year.  Home-brewing means you can brew year round! No more waiting for the perfect season. In addition, you can have a wine cellar that includes a variety of wines. Stop in today for more info and products.


Make your own Kombucha at home! Products sold here include, but are not limited to, fermenters, bottling equipment, and more. Stop in today for more info and products.


The perfect complement to either beer or wine is cheese.  Our Cheese Making Section includes ingredients for the beginner and the more experienced cheese maker. Learn more below!


Home roasting has become popular among home beer brewers, wine makers and cheese makers. Roasting your own beans is a simple and quick process that gives you control of your roast, anywhere from medium to espresso.  All you need is good quality green coffee beans and a roaster, both of which can be found at Phantom Brewing - Home Brew Supply. Roasting can be done on your stove top in a pan or in your oven. Other methods include air popcorn poppers and dedicated home roasters. Stop in today for more info and products.


Looking for a fun activity for the family? Preparing holiday gifts for your clients? Look no further. Phantom Brewing - Home Brew Supply has that good ol' fashioned soda that we all know and love. Flavor extracts include, but are not limited to, Old Fashioned Root Beer, Cherry, Ginger Ale, Strawberry and even Spruce Beer. Batches of one gallon. Stop in today for more info and products.


Our full, in-stock list of hop varieties are listed in the link below! Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message or call 860 247-2969.